Reputation Marketing The MILE Way

Your online Reputation can either make or break your business

The Internet has empowered every customer to voice out an opinion about your business and broadcast it to millions of people in real time. With this “online community”, one complaint can be seen by a lot of people and spread all over almost instantly. But if you ignore comments and reviews made by your customers, or even worse- you don’t have enough positive reviews online, it gives your business a bad impression.

So let me ask you:

a- Do you already have a great online reputation?

    If so, are you MARKETING that reputation to attract more patients or clients?

b- But what if you don't have  a good online reputation?

    You may be wasting time and money trying to attract more prospects to your business.

 In fact, your online reputation either helps you attract patients or clients away from your competition because…

  • 82% of Internet users surveyed said reviews impacted their purchase decision (Source: Marketing Charts)
  • 90% of unhappy clients will not do business with the same company again.(Source: Rate Point)
  • 70% consult reviews or ratings before purchasing. (Source: Business Week)
  • 50% of online searches are now local – up from 40% a year ago.(Source: Google)

OR drives your patients or clients directly to your competitor's door, phones or website!

Bottom-line: your online reputation directly helps…or hurts…your business.

And, as you can see above, the scope of “Reputation Marketing” is much larger than just getting customers/clients feedback and reviews. 

      That is why our Reputation Marketing Services, when combined with our expertise in Reputation Analysis and Solutions helps us create for you the most competitive and comprehensive Reputation Marketing Strategy for your marketplace.

From creating your own review site online, to offering monitoring service, to training your staff to help gather more positive reviews for your business… we can help.

By taking advantage of our Comprehensive Reputation Marketing Services we will  help you:

  1. Build and maintain a 5 Star Online Reputation for your business, and
  2. Market that reputation to help you attract more patients or clients to use your services
Get started today by requesting your FREE Competitive Reputation Analysis Report (worth $247) here (This report will show you what others find online about you and your business..)

Once you review your report, we can discuss what needs to be done to fix any problem we find or build on what's already there to help you market your reputation to attract a lot more prospects to your business.

Remember, concentrating on just getting and posting reviews leaves too many other factors that affect your business reputation not addressed.

Contact us to discuss how our Reputation Marketing Services can help you grow and profit your business.

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