The Next Evolution of Daily Deals!

If I told you that now you can generate instant cash-flow and attract  more prospects interested in what you offer Faster and For Less, would you be interested in knowing more?

Of course you would…

Because… If you’re looking to double or even triple your sales, and to enjoy increased sales and profit in your business, then this is for you.

But as a savvy business owner your next question would most likely be…

It sounds good but what’s the catch?

To be honest with you there is NO catch.

The only thing is …

This is only for business owners looking for more sales AND who are tired of losing so much money to Groupon or any other typical Deal Sites to get new Customers/Clients/Patients that only come in because of the cheap deals!

If that is you, you will like the solution we created, a solution our clients are raving about!

Because now you can

  • Get New Prospects to Try Your Service: Easier, Faster and For Less!
  • Offer A Hyper-Local Deal, 5-10 Miles or so From Your Business
  • Get More Buyers on Demand PLUS Get More Cash-Flow: they Pay You When They Come in to Redeem The Vouchers
  • Decide WHEN You Want to Offer Additional Deals With Any Restrictions and Any Price You Want
  • Have zero risk and almost immediate cash flow
  • Have the Resources to Offer a Great Experience for Buyers which Means You'll Gain New Loyal Buyers!
  • Get New LOCAL Buyers On Demand and For Minimum Cost to You!

Remember, You'll have TOTAL control over your "Deal"!

You decide:

·   The price of your deal that will be paid to you when they redeem the vouchers

·   How many vouchers you want to offer

·   The dates and times you want to run your deal, and

·   Any restrictions you want

AND You Get 100% of the deal/voucher price when buyers come to redeem their vouchers at your business!

      No more waiting two weeks or a month to get your small share of the sales.

     No more splitting 50% of your low price deals!

      No long approval process or waiting endless months to run your deals!

      Run your deal when you want PLUS get paid instantly when your buyers come to redeem their vouchers.

We’ll work with you to promote your deal and help you attract more people and loyal, repeat buyers in your local area:

1.      You will attract more local buyers that will become repeat buyers (not one time bargain hounds).

2.      We promote your deal to highly targeted local buyers ready to take advantage of local deals.

3.      Plus we can help you bring their attention back to you whenever you decide to invite them back!

Don’t miss your chance…If this interests you, contact us ASAP.

The demand for this service is EXTREMELY high, not to mention spots are already being filled as you read this.

Here's What You Need to Do Next

Click here to see more details.

Or you can Contact us at (310) 994-4078 or email us at to get started.

Once the spots we have available are taken, we won’t be able to accept any more clients for a while.

We select those businesses we will work with on a First-Come-First-Served-Basis.

So… if you want to attract more buyers by running a special deal in the next couple of weeks, now is the time to get started. Otherwise you will have to wait until we have more spots available.

Schedule Your deal NOW, before life gets in the way, and you lose out on this great opportunity!


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