MILE Local Deals Service Options

If you have used Deal Sites before and/or you are looking for better ways to bring more buyers through your doors, consider the benefits of promoting your special offers with the risk-free MILE Local Deals.

With the MILE Local Deals Service Now You Can:

  • Get New Neighborhood Customers to try your product or service
  • Offer A Hyper-Local Deal to people within 5-25 Miles or more From Your Business
  • Get Customers AND more cash flow a lot faster
  • Get more local buyers on demand and for minimum cost to your business
  • Get 100% of the voucher price paid to you when customers redeem their vouchers (zero risk and immediate cash flow to your business PLUS NO 50% or more of the deal/voucher price to someone else!)
  • Decide WHEN you want to offer additional deals to get more customers on demand, with any restrictions you want

And, once the customer comes to your business…

All you need to do is: Provide them with a great experience, Collect your cash, and Gain a new loyal buyer!

Getting these types of results can be done quickly. After all, if you need a boost in cash flow, you need it NOW, not months from now!

Question: How many additional buyers will you need to recoup your small investment?

Based on that number, decide which option is best for you.

Three Options for you to consider

  • BASIC Deal Option – $495 We will promote your special deal to a targeted list of at least 250 prospects interested in what you offer (less than $2.00 per prospect)
  • PREMIUM Deal Option - $795 We will promote your special deal to a targeted list of at least 500 prospects (less than $1.50 per prospect)
  • VIP Deal Option $995 We will promote your special deal to a targeted list of at least 500 prospects. With this option, we will not only help you market your special Deal to your ideal target audience to get them to buy and redeem your deal vouchers BUT we will also create a list of these buyers for you to use in the future to market to them again and again.

Remember, your profit is in direct proportion to your ability to build a list, and to follow up with that list effectively. And there is no better list than a list of BUYERS that you can market to again and again to offer specials, coupons, new offers, new products or services, etc…Since it's so much better and easier to keep a customer/client than it is to go out and find new ones, this is may be your best option.

Important: Results are based on past experience with our clients. Your actual results will depend on various factors like: 

  • Your offer and the special price
  • The quality of your services
  • Your online reputation
  • The timing of your offer
  • Competing similar offers in your local market

As you can imagine, we can only work with a limited number of clients each month PLUS we only run one type of deal per client category at a time (one dental offer or chiropractor offer, etc. at a time).

So…if you want to start attracting a lot more buyers for less:

Email us at or give us a call at (310) 994-4078 to schedule your first promotion and to purchase the package that is the best option for you.

         BASIC MILE Local Deal Option               $495    _____

         PREMIUM MILE Local Deal Option          $795    _____

         VIP MILE Local Deal Option                    $995    _____

Our clients are raving about this new way to get more buyers and cash flow. I know you will too!

This is as easy as it gets by putting a little money in, and getting a lot of money out!

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