Your Customer Value or ROI

How much would you be willing to invest to get one or more customers per week?

Actually, before you can answer that question, you need to know…

HOW Much Is A Customer Worth to Your business?

In other words, what is the Return On Investment (ROI) that a single customer represents for your business?

Because the value of a customer is not just the amount they spend the first time they use your services or buy your products.

It includes,

  1) The amount of their first purchase of your product or service

  2) How many times they come back for more

  3) How long they keep coming back for more

Once you know this "number", your ROI, then you can figure out how much you can invest in attracting more customers to your business.

To calculate your own ROI for your customers, use our own "Customer Lifetime Value Calculator".

Once you realize the real value of a customer, let us know if you need help in attracting a lot more customers to your business!

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