Share Valuable Content to Attract More Leads

Share Valuable Content for FREE To Attract More Leads

As someone who I know is passionate about growing their business online to new heights and experiencing greater level of success, I thought you'd want to take a peek at this.
Your business is only as popular as you are active. In other words, if you aren’t advertising, publishing, posting, or adding content on your website, on Social Media, and/or on YouTube, no one will know that your business exists. If you regularly publish articles, posts, videos, etc. people will be more likely to remember you when they need your product or services.
As far as helping you rank on the search engines, regular views and repeated visits to your website, social media profiles, or YouTube channel signal to Google and the other search engines that your content is valuable, and therefore deserved higher search rank.
You can greatly improve your presence on search engines with multiple content and videos each optimized for unique results.

Sharing  your content

One of the best marketing strategies you can use to attract more qualified targeted prospects is sharing valuable content that showcases your expertise. By sharing valuable tips, ideas, and/or shortcuts they can use – they are able to experience how you can help them. In their minds, if you share this valuable content for free…what else can they expect once they start using your services?

By sharing value they get to benefit from before they decide if they want to use your services and/or buy your products, they also get to “trust” you and that you can actually help them with whatever they need.

Don’t dismiss this; it works. Let people know who you are and how you can help them by sharing something of value first for free. This way you’ll get targeted prospects to reward you by coming to you (instead of you having to chase them)! Plus sharing valuable content first helps you to build brand and relationship equity with your best prospects.

Why this matters to you…

So, while working with our clients who are professional service providers like you, one thing most of them wanted was to be able to create and share their posts or articles with more people to convert them to new clients or patients. Doing this they were able to share valuable content that showcased their expertise and maybe how they could help. The problem was that the cost to do this and produce a professional looking product (especially if they wanted to do it on a recurring basis) was kind of expensive.

Still, they wanted to be able to:

  • Share their published blog post or article as an ebook to attract more people to their business – but do it looking like the professionals they are
  • Create a PDF version including a cover page of their published post or article so it looked very professional
  • Add a cover  or 3D image to that PDF so it looked like a real professional eBook or book that these prospects would want
  • Add related images to their post or article, with links to take readers to specific website pages or offers
  • Create a kindle book version for this content

Of course we wanted to accommodate our clients and went looking for a way to provide this service to them….but at a reasonable cost to us and a lower price for them.

But here are the estimated costs we found to create a professional eBook to share:

  •  Hire a book publisher to create a book from a post or article: $997 to $1997
  •  Hire a designer to create a cover image: $497
  •  Hire a copywriter to write or improve their post or article: $497
  •  Get a 3d Cover Image made: $47 (minimum)
  •  Export the post/article to Kindle Format and publish it on Amazon $497 (minimum)

       Estimated Total: $3,535

Don’t get me wrong, if publishing and sharing a professionally looking post, article as an ebook or as a kindle book results in bringing in more targeted people to their business, the return on their investment could easily justify this investment.

But we did one better!

We found a way to add this service to our offerings and included it as part of the service packages we were already offering to them but at a much lower cost.

And that’s where you come in…

If you would like to be able to create and share your valuable content (post or article) as an ebook that looks very professional and would like our help doing so, we are offering a special onetime deal that you may want to check out.

Go to this Ebook Creation  page for details and to take advantage of our limited time offer.

Keep in mind that we can only help a very limited number of clients at this price.

Be one of the first to  take advantage of our Ebook creation limited time offer

Or contact us or call us at (626) 864-3276 or (310) 994-4078 if you would like to take advantage of this exclusive offer or if you have any questions.


If you are ready to go forward, click here to place your order for the Ebook Publishing Limited One Time Offer by MILE

Don't miss out on this incredible discount while available. Once this offer expires, the starting  price will be $497.

This is evergreen marketing at its best!

MILE Local Deals

Local Deal Sites Work To Get New Buyers…But at What Price?

Lots of local businesses like to use the Groupon, Living Social, etc. platforms to attract new buyers but they  DON'T like to have to “lose money” to attract those new buyers.

That is why we came up with this new marketing concept to help our clients get more targeted prospects for less PLUS faster cash-flow with a lot less risk.

So, if you have used this type of deals before and/or are looking for ways to get more BUYERS through your doors, consider the benefits of promoting your business with the MILE Local Deals risk-free marketing program.
The MILE Local Deals Program provides you with:
  • Immediate Cash Flow: Consumers purchase a voucher for your product or service and they pay you when they set foot in your business. No waiting to get your money weeks after providing the service.
  • Targeted local prospects: You'll be able to be in front of a large, targeted audience, people who live and work within your local communities. These are targeted buyers within miles from your business.
  • Viral sharing: Ability for buyers to share with their friends and share deals or coupons with their family and friends and enjoy the discounts together. Word-of-mouth via Social Media and email sharing are some of the best tools to get additional buyers
  • No Risk, Minimum Upfront Investment: We handle the marketing, coupon delivery, and customers follow up (if you would like our help to do so). You just need to be prepared for the new customers to show up!
  • Performance-Based Marketing: We’ll measure and track the results of every deal campaign you run with the MILE Local Deal Program. This way you know how your promotions are working for you.
To get more details click here.
To get started your next Local Deal, go here.
For questions you can email us at or give us a call at (310) 994-4078.

Marketing Your 5 Star Reputation

You already know that your practice needs to be visible in online searches if you want to attract more new patients.

The problem is that when your website is right next to your competitor’s in the search results, you need to ask yourself —

         What makes a patient choose your practice over theirs?

More often than not, their decision will be based on your online reviews.


  • Every potential patient has free access to the online reviews posted by your patients and others on sites like Google Plus, Yelp, CitySearch, etc. plus on industry specific directories like Healthgrades, These sites are more important than ever – not just because your online reputation is accessible to everyone looking for your services, but because search engines also take your reviews into account for their search results.

And the more reviews you have and the more positive your reviews are, the higher you’ll rank.

  • You also know that having a 5 star reputation online is key in order for you to be able to attract more new patients and referrals to your services.

But it’s up to you to Monitor, Manage and be proactive in protecting and controlling what others say online about you and your services in order for you to build and maintain your 5 Star Reputation online.

  • You want to proactively monitor and manage what others see online about you by LEVERAGING your 5 Star Reputation and using it to MARKET your services for better results (while reducing the need for other types of marketing expense to attract more new patients).

That is why you (hopefully) have:

  1. Claimed and optimized your local and industry specific listings on the various online directories
  2. You have set up a system to get patients’ feedback, testimonials and reviews that are posted on your website, on your directories listings online, and on Social Media   
  3. You are also making sure that your staff realizes how important it is to ask your patients for their feedback that they can share as reviews online for others to see and share.

Of course, if you have NOT done all the above, right now would be a good time to get started

But…If you have done all of the above, Congratulations!

You are now ahead of probably 95% of your local competitors who are NOT paying attention to how important it is to have and showcase your 5 Star Reputation to get more patients!

And we are going to make your efforts pay off even more with these…

New Tools for You

There are a few different ways for you to “showcase” those reviews so your prospects and patients can see them EVERYWHERE they happen to be searching online.

Now you can… MARKET your reviews online and on Social Media using Text, Images and Video Review Commercials like these:

a) TEXT- Typical review posted online by a patient ("I love their services. Always on time and very professional.")



b) IMAGES of your reviews-  


c) VIDEO Review Commercials             

  1. Our new Beta Video Review Commercials Program will create for you a 45 to 60 second Video that  showcases your 5 Star Review by posting these videos online, on your website, on Social Media and on video syndication sites like and all Done-for-You.
  2. These videos are filmed in a Hollywood style studio using professional spokes models reading your 5 star review on a tablet and shown with your office as a background. We use prime time animation and graphics and we add a clear Call-To-Action at the end of the video for viewers to Call You to Make An Appointment or come to your office.
  3. In addition, you know how important videos are for helping websites rank on the 1st page of Google.

Now not only will you have these videos helping you reach a lot more prospects but these videos will also showcase how excellent you are by what others are saying about your services.


How to Take Advantage of These Tools to Get More Patients

Right now you can become a Charter Member of our new Beta Video Review Commercial Service for much less than what you are paying right now to advertise using the local mailers or postcards that are NOT producing any results for you. It’s an opportunity that will not be available for too long as we have to limit how many of our clients we can add at this “beta program” price.


Contact us to find out how you can take advantage of our Reputation Marketing Services including this brand new Video Reviews Commercial service— for a lot less than others will be paying when we introduce this service to the general marketplace.

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