Medical Authority Services for Chiropractors

Did you know that most people search for specific information about a chiropractor (NOT just about the practice) when deciding which chiropractor to use?

      1st They look at their insurance plan for approved providers in the network

      2nd They go online and search for all the information they need to make them feel comfortable when they make their selection

      3rd Then they pick the provider they feel will help them the best.

This is a huge pool of people you are NOT attracting!

Because… you are NOT making it easy for them to find specific information about you- professional credentials, your personal and professional bio, your interests, what you are about, your picture,your reviews, etc.- in one place.

If you did, you would increase your chances that they will Find you and Choose you as the chiropractor they want to work with… not your competitor.

And this you can do with just one system:  our proprietary Medical Authority System (MAS).

This system will help to ATTRACT a lot more of those members plus prospects searching for your services online and get them to CHOOSE You (not your competitors)

Overall, in order to grow your practice efficiently and faster, you can:

  • Stop paying so much (and wasting so much money) trying to attract more people to use your services with methods that don't work anymore
  • Make it easy for them to FIND YOU and all about you and your services in one place, and
  • Give them reasons to CHOOSE you—not your competitor

Just let us show you how we can help you get more people coming to your office by helping you:

  1. Leverage our Medical Authority System to "brand yourself" as the # 1 Authority in your local marketplace so prospects can Find YOU (not just your business) and Choose You when searching for a Chiropractor
  2. Build, Maintain, Monitor, Manage and MARKET your 5 Star Reputation Online and on Social Media so your prospects can see your information EVERYWHERE they go online
  3. Make sure your "mobile prospects" (who are already looking for you) can find you, contact you, call to make an appointment, or find directions to your office with the tool they always have at their fingertips= their mobile devices (over 50% of online searches for local services are from a mobile device).
  4. Use a professional Interactive Lead Generation Website so you can use your online presence to get what you are looking for: more people coming to your office to use your services

Contact Us or give us a call at (877) 596-6463 or (410) 357-1811 to find out how we can help you get more patients…faster and for less than what you are probably paying right now.

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