Why would you want to reach your prospects via Facebook?

Let me ask you:

How are you trying to get more prospects right now?

Would having one place to reach hundreds or even thousands of people that could be interested in what you offer be of benefit to help generate more sales for your business?

What if you could reach those people — daily if you want — for literally pennies on the dollar?

Consider these staggering statistics and you will understand why marketing with Facebook is a goldmine for any business that knows how to tap into the power of “targeting a unique audience of prospects”.

      *72% of Internet users are active on Social Media

      *60% of 50 to 60 year old group are active on Social Media

      *One million web pages are accessed using the “Login with Facebook” feature

      *47% of Americans say Facebook is their #1 "influencer" of purchases

      *70% of marketers use Facebook to gain new customers

In addition to all of the above, now you can pinpoint WHO you want to target based on their location, demographics, interests, likes, passions, and more. Where else can you get to create such a targeted list of prospects?

The truth is that right now there is no better way to target a specific group of people that you can select and reach for literally pennies on the dollar.

Because you could have a great product or service with the potential to make thousands or even millions of dollars but unless you can find and get the attention of the people who are or could be interested in what you sell… all you have is “potential sales and profit”.

If you want to start generating sales and maximize your profits let’s find that “audience” interested in what you offer and present them with a special promotion or discount to check out your product or service.

Contact us to see how you could benefit from this huge pool of prospects.

Of course how well and fast your campaign will work for you depends on a few factors: the overall campaign, your special offer or promotion, and the product or service you offer. The idea is to get you a lot more people looking at your offer in one place –Facebook—with you spending less and reaching more potential buyers at the same time.

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