Share Valuable Content to Attract More Leads

Share Valuable Content for FREE To Attract More Leads

As someone who I know is passionate about growing their business online to new heights and experiencing greater level of success, I thought you'd want to take a peek at this.
Your business is only as popular as you are active. In other words, if you aren’t advertising, publishing, posting, or adding content on your website, on Social Media, and/or on YouTube, no one will know that your business exists. If you regularly publish articles, posts, videos, etc. people will be more likely to remember you when they need your product or services.
As far as helping you rank on the search engines, regular views and repeated visits to your website, social media profiles, or YouTube channel signal to Google and the other search engines that your content is valuable, and therefore deserved higher search rank.
You can greatly improve your presence on search engines with multiple content and videos each optimized for unique results.

Sharing  your content

One of the best marketing strategies you can use to attract more qualified targeted prospects is sharing valuable content that showcases your expertise. By sharing valuable tips, ideas, and/or shortcuts they can use – they are able to experience how you can help them. In their minds, if you share this valuable content for free…what else can they expect once they start using your services?

By sharing value they get to benefit from before they decide if they want to use your services and/or buy your products, they also get to “trust” you and that you can actually help them with whatever they need.

Don’t dismiss this; it works. Let people know who you are and how you can help them by sharing something of value first for free. This way you’ll get targeted prospects to reward you by coming to you (instead of you having to chase them)! Plus sharing valuable content first helps you to build brand and relationship equity with your best prospects.

Why this matters to you…

So, while working with our clients who are professional service providers like you, one thing most of them wanted was to be able to create and share their posts or articles with more people to convert them to new clients or patients. Doing this they were able to share valuable content that showcased their expertise and maybe how they could help. The problem was that the cost to do this and produce a professional looking product (especially if they wanted to do it on a recurring basis) was kind of expensive.

Still, they wanted to be able to:

  • Share their published blog post or article as an ebook to attract more people to their business – but do it looking like the professionals they are
  • Create a PDF version including a cover page of their published post or article so it looked very professional
  • Add a cover  or 3D image to that PDF so it looked like a real professional eBook or book that these prospects would want
  • Add related images to their post or article, with links to take readers to specific website pages or offers
  • Create a kindle book version for this content

Of course we wanted to accommodate our clients and went looking for a way to provide this service to them….but at a reasonable cost to us and a lower price for them.

But here are the estimated costs we found to create a professional eBook to share:

  •  Hire a book publisher to create a book from a post or article: $997 to $1997
  •  Hire a designer to create a cover image: $497
  •  Hire a copywriter to write or improve their post or article: $497
  •  Get a 3d Cover Image made: $47 (minimum)
  •  Export the post/article to Kindle Format and publish it on Amazon $497 (minimum)

       Estimated Total: $3,535

Don’t get me wrong, if publishing and sharing a professionally looking post, article as an ebook or as a kindle book results in bringing in more targeted people to their business, the return on their investment could easily justify this investment.

But we did one better!

We found a way to add this service to our offerings and included it as part of the service packages we were already offering to them but at a much lower cost.

And that’s where you come in…

If you would like to be able to create and share your valuable content (post or article) as an ebook that looks very professional and would like our help doing so, we are offering a special onetime deal that you may want to check out.

Go to this Ebook Creation  page for details and to take advantage of our limited time offer.

Keep in mind that we can only help a very limited number of clients at this price.

Be one of the first to  take advantage of our Ebook creation limited time offer

Or contact us or call us at (626) 864-3276 or (310) 994-4078 if you would like to take advantage of this exclusive offer or if you have any questions.


If you are ready to go forward, click here to place your order for the Ebook Publishing Limited One Time Offer by MILE

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This is evergreen marketing at its best!

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