Build, Monitor, Manage and Market Your Online Reputation

How MILE Helps You Automate Building, Monitoring, Managing. and MARKETING Your Online Reputation

Getting More New Clients or Patients Just Became Easier…


What our unique system does for you:

1-      One Simple Solution—With our Reputation Marketing System, we’ve removed 95% of the ‘heavy lifting” for you

2-      Generating Reviews—We make it super simple  for your clients or patients to share their feedback and reviews to help build your 5 Star Reputation with a positive review base

3-      Filtering Negative Reviews- We help you capture, review and respond to negative reviews to alleviate the effect of any negative reviews on your reputation

4-      Brand Management- We help you maximize customers or patients feedback to build or repair your company’s brand online

5-      Drill Down Capability- We help you generate feedback at a department or individual employee’s level

6-      Streamlined Process- We help you set up the entire process of getting feedback and reviews

7-      Easy to use-Simplicity is the key to your overall success. We set it up for you and help train your staff on how important it is to get as many  positive reviews as possible


Your results:

1-      Your 5 Star Reputation Online- That showcases why you are the leader iin your marketplace and helps with your online rankings

2-      More Satisfied Clients or Patients- By having a staff that is trained to know why having a great reputation is key to your business growth and success, they will be more alert and will be able to react when there is a problem with any of your clients or patients

3-      More reviews, more chances to improve your services, if needed- Current and accurate feedback from those using your services will help you solve problems and make necessary changes or improvements on your staff, procedures, customer service and services offered

4-      More prospects finding you and choosing to use your services- By showcasing your great reviews online, on your website and all over Social Media, more and more people will learn about you and your great services no matter where they look for what you offer.

5-      Getting more clients or patients almost on auto-pilot- Without any additional advertising expense.


        Ready to start? Contact us before your competitor does…



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