About MILE


We believe that by applying our practical experience, extensive training and proven marketing strategies we can help Professional Service Providers grow their businesses and prosper.

MILE has a professional team of highly trained and experienced personnel and business partners fully prepared to effectively create and manage your online and/or offline marketing and ready to assist you in achieving your business goals.

First, we will provide accurate research and analysis, of what strategies will work best for your business.

Then we can implement the strategies identified to get you the best results, leaving you the time to do what you do best, market your service and work ON your business (not IN your business)!

Why is MILE Different?

First, we do NOT claim to be a "fix all" service to every business. We only work with Professional Service Providers that understand how important it is to market their services properly and efficiently.

Once you become our client, we:

 a) Take the time to understand your problems, concerns, and goals before we develop your unique plan to market and grow your business

 b) Communicate our progress and your results and provide you with reports to summarize and analyze those results.

 c) Make it easy for you to learn and participate in the process if you so desire.

We have done it before, our clients' successes vouch for our accomplishments!

By outsourcing your marketing to MILE you are actually "hiring a team of experts" for much less than you could hire just one employee that could deliver maybe 10% of the work and results you will get by working with us.

The MILE Team  

** A CPA and Strategic Marketing and Business Growth Consultant   (Eva Martinez, Founder, President)

With many years of experience in business, finance, audit and consulting work with multiple companies and in many industries and with expertise in online/offline marketing and business growth strategies, Eva is the Founder and President of MILE Marketing.

Started as a CPA in Public Accounting with one of the "Big Five" accounting firms. From that, went to teach and then to the private industry. With many documented accomplishments added to the years of learning and working with business growth and revenue creation strategies, started MILE to grow her own online business and to help other small business avoid the trails and errors we see almost daily and that we also encountered when we first got started and while working with many small businesses.

Trained with the best in online & offline marketing and business growth and specialize in helping our clients become the #1 Authority in their field and local marketplace and Building, Monitoring, Managing and Marketing their 5 Star Reputation. In addition, we help them by creating exclusive licensing marketing campaigns and joint venture deals to help our clients expand the products or services that they can add to their business offerings and/or finding additional markets for businesses to grow their sales much faster.

In addition, MILE has:

**Experienced and professionally trained team –on Online and Offline, Marketing, JVs and Strategic Alliances, Mobile and Reputation Marketing

**Experts in online marketing techniques including:  Organic vs. Search Marketing, Email Marketing, Local Marketing, Mobile and Social Media Marketing plus proprietary systems that produce faster results for our clients.

**Offline experts  with unique applications and  services  to  make it more affordable for our clients to use offline marketing strategies and methods.

**Business Partnerships within the industry to guarantee access to the most reliable and affordable services in other areas of business and marketing services for our clients to benefit from.

Together, we have a great group of trained professionals to assist you in your business growth!

We have both the expertise and the qualifications to help you. As proof, we have used a combination of strategies and tactics to personally grow several highly successful businesses while also helping our clients do the same.

The results we have achieved for our clients vouch for the fact that – YES- we can help You transform your business by getting results- fast…

MILE, Where Business Growth is NOT a Technical Term But a Reality

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